Interactive workshops to teach a variety of tools to enable you to feel more empowered. These are available on a One to One basis as Experience days or for a group within your organisation.

The four workshops below have been designed as two day events, however I can be flexible how I deliver these if you are an organisation. e.g. small segments or even four days for some immersion!

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  • Increased confidence, self-trust and enthusiasm.
  • Relief from stress, anxiety, burnout and depression.
  • Learn new tools and how to use them for any challenging situation that may come your way.
  • New energy and vitality.

Experience Days

These one to one, one day workshops are designed for people who want some immersion to make over aspects of their lives. The experience day is preceded by a discovery session to help you create a clear focus for the day. You can carry this out in person or by skype.

Here are a few that I offer:-

Confidence with Conviction
Powering to your purpose
Stress less, Live more
Communicating authentically


This will teach you about the Stimulus, Belief, Response (SBR) model, how to identify your own beliefs, you will give you tools to help you change them if you wish.

A segment of this workshop focuses on Judgements, how they play a critical role in our lives and some say are the root of all our discomforts.  What are judgements? How and why they feature in our lives? and how they serve us?  You will have the opportunity to look at the judgements you make and be given tools to help you turn your perspective around if you should want to do so?
This course will challenge the way you have learnt to think and show you new ways of dealing with situations in your day to day life!

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The focus for this workshop is getting clear about what you want!

You will create a real plan of how to achieve is and test it. You will learn how your thinking impacts on your decision making and also how to get those gremlins out of the way that plague you from getting where you want.


Do you want to be more open about how you feel and what you want but are too afraid? This workshop teaches you ideas that will help you be the best of yourself and bring it to any relationship you wish. Consequently getting more of what you want. You will learn that getting more authentic is not scary but actually very liberating.

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More about the Option Process dialogue

This workshop focuses on what it says on the tin. I aim to equip you with more technical background, give you opportunity to practice these ideas.

The two days are again very dynamic and enjoyable. You will have a much clearer understanding of the Option Process dialogue, the tools will support you being a more effective mentor.

This workshop aims to help you get more clarity for what you want.

A clearer communicator

Understand how what you think will influence people and situations!

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“I would recommend this workshop for those who want to work on themselves and also those that have issues with their work.” 
Ia, Personal Assistant. Sweden
“Rekha provided such a loving, gentle questioning environment that I was able to uncover and unseat some long held beliefs. The dialogue process is such a wonderful tool and Rekha executes it beautifully!”
Jill O, Mum of four kids, Illinois, USA
“This workshop is really great, not just for parents with special needs kids or assistants. It is really great and useful for or in our daily dealings with people in society.
I really really recommend this for everyone. If only everyone would /can change their beliefs the world would be the best place to live.”
Love, PA. Sweden
“Rekha is fabulous teacher, teaching in a fun way engaging using 3E’s to engage her participants. Thank you Rekha, I am looking forward to next time!”
Sandra B, Sweden.
“This workshop is perfect for you if you want you have a huge opportunity to grow and learn about yourself, and also have fun.”
Sofia R, Sweden.
“Rekha is a great facilitator and uses energy and playfulness as instruments in her workshops.”
Jens M, Barkraft, Sweden.
Anyone at all would benefit from exploring their beliefs in a safe and supportive environment. This workshop teaches how are problems are not the problem, but how our beliefs make us unhappy and powerless. Most of all, it helps us to change this.
Sigrid H, Administrator, Gloucesershire
You really get the chance to really get to know yourself. And you get tools to live a happier life.
Ulrika S, Barkraft, Sweden.
I would recommend Rekha’s workshops to anyone who wants to explore why they behave and feel in a certain way. It is a way to prioritise yourself, to really focus on who you are in a safe, caring environment.
Natalie G, English Teacher, Cambridge, Uk.
This workshop supported me in increase self-awareness and question limiting beliefs.
Karina K, Reconnective healing practitioner, Berkshire, Uk
Rekha is warm and approachable. She makes things clear and using a mix of individual and group work. Overall for quite a complicated subject she makes it enormous fun. I would recommend this workshop to anyone who wants to make more sense of their life. it works!
Kristen E, Cater, Cambridge
The introductory workshop was fantastic. So nice to spend time thinking about me in my world. Lovely weekend away from home and family.
Zoe, Consultant, London.


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