Associated with:-

  • The Option Institute is the place I gained my training and Option Process Mentor Certification. They are based over in Sheffield, MA, USA.
  • The Son-Rise programme, is a home based therapy that is designed for children with Autism. I used it for my son who has severe learning difficulties. I believe it is one of the most respectful ways of teaching any child. This is also based in MA, USA.
  • Helping Little Hands Learn, Is an outstanding organisation based in Ely, working closely with families to provide the best support, guidance and care to enable children to reach their full potential.
  • Autism at Home, is a UK based organisation that works with kids and adults with Autism all over the UK. They use a holistic approach to the therapy, again a home based one to one therapy programme.
  • The Square Peg, raises funds and awareness for special needs children in the Cambridgeshire area, with a focus towards supporting parents and children. A charity that is close to my heart.
  • Quy Mill hotel in Cambridge is where I carry out my workshops. They have a very handy spa onsite for those who want to make weekend retreat of the workshop .
    The hotel spa is located just off the A14 so easy to drive to, Cambridge railway station is 5.8miles.


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“Rekha is calm, funny, entertaining, warm, dear, trustworthy and engaged. I would recommend this workshop as it is a deepening of the understanding on how we react to specific beliefs and how we actually can change our thoughts to feel better.”
Sandra B, Son-Rise Mum. Sweden
“Rekha is exceptional and her teaching examples are very interesting and relevant. I would recommend this workshop to others definitely, because I know she knows what she is doing and doing it passionately with a focus of helping us.”
Steve N, Son-Rise brother/ Assistant. Sweden
“I would definitely recommend the Indroductory workshop. It helped me clear the dark clouds by making me realise a lot of these were of my own creation and also by helping me realise things to be grateful for.”
Dilip M, University Lecturer Coventry,UK