Create a more productive environment for your employees, so they can make your organisation thrive!


Can Your Organisation be more Productive?

Taking care of your organisation’s wellbeing needs can be a tough job! So what if you could equip your people with tools to take care of themselves? This is what I do using a combination of one to one sessions and interactive group workshops. I create bespoke sessions tailored to the needs of your organisation carried out at a venue of your choice.

I have a lot of experience of working with groups in a variety of sectors including education, voluntary, corporate and industrial.




  • Increased productivity; People report feeling more motivated, confident and assertive.
  • Creation of common goals and strategies.
  • Clearer communication.
  • Creation of a healthier, lower stress environment for individuals
  • Teams become more flexible and creative
“I would recommend this workshop. It’s the only place I know where a group of 20 people who don’t know each other that well can completely open up if they want.”
Tom PA, Barkraft, Sweden
“Yes! I would recommend this workshop. You learn loads about yourself and definitely something everyone should do regardless of gender, age, profession and country of origin. You will grow tremendously and realise things about yourself you never thought existed.”
Daniel T, PA Boras, Sweden
“Rekha is open, always stretching a hand to help. She has a way of making everyone talk or participate. Makes it easy because she is funny she knows what she is doing, She shouldn’t change, stay the person she is.”
Amina B, Boras, Sweden.
“Rekha was a wonderful teacher. She managed to keep me engaged and interested throughout, giving tangible examples to help my understanding. This Workshop helped me in many ways, feeling confident and appreciate myself and showing appreciation around me.”
Emeillie, Assistant, Boras, Sweden
“This workshop helped me to be more powerful team leader in going for what I want. Helping me to grow myself in trust will support me in my relationships with both clients family members and assistants.”
Elisabet K, Barkraft Assistants, Sweden


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You can work with me in person, by phone or skype anywhere in the world.


Mobilise yourself with tools. Join me in the Uk or I can come to your organisation.


Giving your organisation the tailored tools it needs to succeed.