Just to say thanks…

Most of my work comes from my clients recommending me on so as a means to say thank you I have set up a scheme so we both get more of what we want!

If you introduce a friend or family member to me who carries out a dialogue session(s), or a workshop you will automatically be credited with a referral credit.  Three referral credits get you a free dialogue session with me or the equivalent off a workshop. This voucher is valid for a full calendar year after your last referral.


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You can work with me in person, by phone or skype anywhere in the world.


Mobilise yourself with tools. Join me in the Uk or I can come to your organisation.


Giving your organisation the tailored tools it needs to succeed.

“Rekha is calm, funny, entertaining, warm, dear, trustworthy and engaged. I would recommend this workshop as it is a deepening of the understanding on how we react to specific beliefs and how we actually can change our thoughts to feel better.”
Sandra B, Son-Rise Mum. Sweden
“Rekha is exceptional and her teaching examples are very interesting and relevant. I would recommend this workshop to others definitely, because I know she knows what she is doing and doing it passionately with a focus of helping us.”
Steve N, Son-Rise brother/ Assistant. Sweden
“I would definitely recommend the Indroductory workshop. It helped me clear the dark clouds by making me realise a lot of these were of my own creation and also by helping me realise things to be grateful for.”
Dilip M, University Lecturer Coventry,UK