It is national learning disability awareness week. So I wanted to make a focus of us parents with children who have additional needs.

I work with many parents all over the world of children with learning disabilities including autism, aspergers syndrome, behavioural challenges, epilepsy, physical challenges and more.

The thing that we parents have in common tends to be what we think and consequently the way we feel about our childrens challenges.  Not many of us think of our childs disabilities as a blessing so I will focus on the other group.

Many parents make their child’s disability a reflection of their parenting, these parents then live in guilt and constant self judgement. Making every little things their children do or don’t do their own success or failure. Blaming themselves for their chidrens condition.

Then there is a group of parents that pity themselves and their kids, and ask themselves questions like “why me, what had I done, what did my child do to deserve this?”. They compare their kids to neurotypical or physically typical kids and feel unhappy.

The third group of parents are those that are just angry and so take too fighting everything, the system, they dislike their childs repetitious behaviours, parents of neurotypical kids…They wish their life was normal and they grieve for the child they don’t have.

Me personally, I used to be a combination of the three, I think realistically most parents do. Thankfully I realised I could feel differently, gave myself permission and then began my journey out of a deep, cold, dark, lonely hole I had created for myself. I feel privileged to be able to watch others now follow their own route to greater comfort.

I can hear you asking “Surely if I felt ok about it then I would do less to help my child, like being a happy idiot, and even if I did want to be more comfortable how do I do it?”
Well here is the thing, we are so much more available to ourselves and our children when we are in a calm loving place rather than when we are doing guilt and anger.  What was your favourite teacher like were they angry and depressed or excited and passionate?
And If you want to know how to change, I am here armed with an arsenal of tools to help you.

Some parents don’t want to look at it because they think it will be too painful or they are ashamed to admit how they feel.  Rest assured when you work with me, I will create a very safe environment for you to explore what you want  without judgement or direction. This is your journey!

Rekha Neilson 🙂
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