I was chatting to our solar panel installer yesterday and got on to the subject of politics. He expressed very right wing opinions including a comment “…we should bring back Hitler he got things done!”
I explained how I have worked with many people three generations on, that are still affected by the deeds carried out by Hitler and his followers.  We talked about the issues today with ISIS and how it is affecting the UK, how he felt about ALL muslims.

What I found most fascinating is that we talked very openly about our very very different political views, about our experiences and what we wanted. Which for both of us was to live in a peaceful and safe place. All the time we remained respectful of the other persons opinions and thoughts, we shared without fear and without judgement.

He later apologised to me for talking about this subject, as he thought he offended me when I shared I had some very good friends that are muslims.  I told him I was never offended by anything he said and explained how I was responsible for my happiness.  I thanked him for his openness and authenticity and celebrated how we could have our differences and yet still connect.

I like to think he walked away thinking a bit more for himself rather than following a crowd without questioning what he was wanting.   It makes me wonder if more of us talked that way would we have the level of violence we have in our society? in our homes? and worldwide?
It makes me wonder if people had asked questions rather than judge or jump to assumptions would we even know Hitler’s name now?  It makes me ask the question are we creating another Hitler from ISIS?  Is our route to living in a peace and safety through violence?

Food for thought!
Rekha Neilson.