Uncalculated or confident?

I was stood in the queue at the till of a supermarket this morning waiting to pay for my shopping. When a very well built gentleman stood next to me said hesitantly, while staring at the biscuits and snacks laying beside the queue side "it is very difficult to walk past the temptation, that uncalculated purchase".I [...]

Value for money!

The key phrase when buying anything in today's economic climate is 'Value for money'.So you might buy the latest phone or gadget but you do it mainly because you believe it will improve your life, maybe it consume less of your time to do a task with this new gismo or it maybe that the task is now much [...]

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Who do you think you are?

When I explored what made me tick and decided to ignore what everyone and his dog thought about me, I started to realise what I really did and didn't like.  It is so simple and changed everything for me!I stopped... spending so much time beating myself up for being a bad mother, wife etc... assuming other women find this easy, so why [...]

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The diet that never fails!

Are you on or have you tried:-The Cambridge or Slimfast diet?The Atkins diet?Starvation diets...or variations of the above, the lists are endless...And did you find the weight goes and then it just piles back on as soon as you come off the extreme regime?Do you wonder how on earth other people stay a reasonable size and weight [...]

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I love looking for themes and connections. This week I have worked with such an amazing range of people from all over the world, the theme?... 'comfort in love relationships'. Some coming into new relationships, others wanting to get into relationships, those that have just got out of long term relationships and then those who [...]

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