Lifting the weight of negativity for a brighter future

As I sit here and write this I consider my journey so far. I start to realise the changes I have made, two years ago I was a very different person. Previously I was extremely negative, judgemental and basically miserable. My head was on the go all of the time, so much so that it [...]

Epilepsy and I

I talk a lot about my son’s (Rohan) epilepsy on FB. And have many times recounted times where I or my daughter Serena have dealt with Rohan’s sometimes very violent epilepsy and its consequences calmly. Unknowingly I had inspired many other mums of special needs kids that faced with a new episode of activity and [...]

Is depression really a bitch?

You may have seen this post  on Facebook requesting to cut and paste to support others, it starts like this "Yes, Depression is such a bitch and seems so goes on."  I have myself been there done that and worn the T-shirt years ago, and then changed it. I have also worked successfully with many, many [...]

Why do we cry?

The theme of the week this week has been crying.  A male client who described himself as tough, and said "tough men don't cry this is not me I am a tough man!" A lady who said "the tears just come, I have no control over them."  She described herself as crying like a child. [...]

Is change frightening or exciting?

So many people I work with are frightened of change.  They come to me with a barrel load of issues that cumulatively create a lot of discomfort in their lives but still they are scared of what might happen if they change it, so they insist on holding on to it as it feels safe.  So I [...]