Lifting the weight of negativity for a brighter future

As I sit here and write this I consider my journey so far. I start to realise the changes I have made, two years ago I was a very different person. Previously I was extremely negative, judgemental and basically miserable. My head was on the go all of the time, so much so that it [...]

Epilepsy and I

I talk a lot about my son’s (Rohan) epilepsy on FB. And have many times recounted times where I or my daughter Serena have dealt with Rohan’s sometimes very violent epilepsy and its consequences calmly. Unknowingly I had inspired many other mums of special needs kids that faced with a new episode of activity and [...]

Do you love learning disabilities or dislike them?

It is national learning disability awareness week. So I wanted to make a focus of us parents with children who have additional needs. I work with many parents all over the world of children with learning disabilities including autism, aspergers syndrome, behavioural challenges, epilepsy, physical challenges and more. The thing that we parents have in [...]


I have worked with many people who are grieving a loss of loved one, parents who have special children who are grieving the typical child they wished they had had and those people who grieve the opportunities they believe they missed out on. So what is grieving? There are many interpretations and I am sure you have seen many pictures of [...]


Today is mothers day and it got me thinking about what it has meant to me to be the mother of two beautiful children. Being a mother has meant, having the biggest tears of joy when meeting this new person for the first time. Being a mother has meant, sleepless nights, lots of poopy nappies and sore [...]