Maa ki daal (Mother’s daal)

Maa ki daal is my all time favourite!  It is also known as Daal makhani (makhani means creamy) in some eating establishments as it is so creamy. Maa is hindi for 'Mother' hence I call it mother's daal, I always tell my kids it is called this as it has a lot of love in [...]

kohlrabi (German turnip) and peas subji

This is a relatively new vegetable to me. I love eating seasonally so when my husband brought these home from the market and I didn't know what to do with them I just made subji from it! I have since found out they are also good in stir fries.  It tastes a little like broccoli and has [...]

Moongi daal (Mung beans)

Moongi daal (Mung beans) shown on the left, are used all over the world in different ways, I cook them in combination with some Moth daal (pronounced mort in Hindi, shown on right).  You can just cook either on their own but this combo is yummy! Moongi is one of the most easily of digested beans [...]

Rajma (Red kidney beans)

You can make this two or three ways depending how much time you want to give it.  I love making it from dried kidney beans without use of a pressure cooker, but you can use a pressure cooker to speed the cooking of the beans up if you wish or even use tinned kidney beans. [...]

Karela (Bitter Gourd/ bitter melon)

Karela or Bitter Gourd are as the name suggests are very bitter, however they have a very unique flavour and multiple health benefits.  many people consume them to help control their blood sugar levels and there are many auyrvedic medicines that have been developed using this vegetable to heal people of diabetes. The picture to your left [...]