Aloo mirchan, (potatoes and peppers)

One of my firm favourites, it is quick, goes with everything and the kids love it too! We call all chillis, 'mirch', peppers are called 'shimila mirich'. I tend to cook this dish as vegan. You can also make this Sathvick, by removing the onion and replacing it with a bit more ginger.  Again you can [...]

Channa (chickpeas)

This is the first dish I remember cooking publicly.  We were cooking food from around the world in home economics. It made sense to me to cook something indian so this what I made with some roti for everyone in the class to sample. You can buy dried chickpeas in most English supermarkets and in indian [...]

Biriyan (hulled urad/urid daal)

This is a dish my grandma used to cook and I learnt it from my sister in law.  It is not one you are likely to see in many Indian restaurants, but is totally sensational...I love it! You are not likely to find this daal in many English supermarkets but it is worth the journey to the [...]

Jeera Quorn

I ate meat under duress as a child, so as soon as I was allowed to do my thing I stopped eating it. I did however develop a taste for some some meat dishes in this time which I have very easily recreated with Quorn.  Quorn is not vegn as it contains egg. So if [...]

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Saag (greens)

We refer to most mashed greens as saag, traditionally we use mustard green or chard, but you can use any greens of your choice or a mix. We would serve this with maaki thi roti (corn bread), you could serve it with fried polenta for a similar taste combination. You can just serve it as a side [...]