Besan Purae (Chickpea pancakes)

Besan purae are a great breakfast, brunch or afternoon snack with tea. You can serve them with ketchup as I have here (my favourite) or you any pickle or sauce of your preference. You will need a nice non stick pan to fry these, they are so quick to prepare and so yummy, you might [...]

Channa (chickpeas)

This is the first dish I remember cooking publicly.  We were cooking food from around the world in home economics. It made sense to me to cook something indian so this what I made with some roti for everyone in the class to sample. You can buy dried chickpeas in most English supermarkets and in indian [...]

Biriyan (hulled urad/urid daal)

This is a dish my grandma used to cook and I learnt it from my sister in law.  It is not one you are likely to see in many Indian restaurants, but is totally sensational...I love it! You are not likely to find this daal in many English supermarkets but it is worth the journey to the [...]

Maa ki daal (Mother’s daal)

Maa ki daal is my all time favourite!  It is also known as Daal makhani (makhani means creamy) in some eating establishments as it is so creamy. Maa is hindi for 'Mother' hence I call it mother's daal, I always tell my kids it is called this as it has a lot of love in [...]

Moongi daal (Mung beans)

Moongi daal (Mung beans) shown on the left, are used all over the world in different ways, I cook them in combination with some Moth daal (pronounced mort in Hindi, shown on right).  You can just cook either on their own but this combo is yummy! Moongi is one of the most easily of digested beans [...]