Pride and Prejudice

I was chatting to a friend about the the huge ratio of female clients that I have verses male clients. I love working with both. Women tend to be a little more open about there issues with friends and I suppose for that reason amongst others they find it an easy transition to coming to [...]

Is anger really optional?

What is anger? There are lots of descriptions available, here is one I find useful. 'Anger is an uncomfortable emotion we create in response to a perceived provocation.' Why do we do it? Again there are as many theories as there are people on the planet, but here is a version I find most useful. 'Because we believe we are [...]

Comparisons…one of the quickest routes to experiencing hell!

We go through life constantly comparing, "it's not fair he has a bigger house", "she has a better set of clothes than me, because she has better dress sense and more money", I have even had people say in sessions " I hate that women why is it she has a son that can talk [...]

Does a healthy mind live in a healthy body? or Does it take a healthy mind to create a healthy body?

The answer is very clear in my mind and here is why... In this fit and fat conscious society we are all striving for better physical health, we want to be fitter and more mobile for longer, disease free and look good! I know many people who appear physically fit they take regular exercises and eat all the 'right' foods but [...]

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Is change frightening or exciting?

So many people I work with are frightened of change.  They come to me with a barrel load of issues that cumulatively create a lot of discomfort in their lives but still they are scared of what might happen if they change it, so they insist on holding on to it as it feels safe.  So I [...]