Is anger really optional?

What is anger? There are lots of descriptions available, here is one I find useful. 'Anger is an uncomfortable emotion we create in response to a perceived provocation.' Why do we do it? Again there are as many theories as there are people on the planet, but here is a version I find most useful. 'Because we believe we are [...]

Is change frightening or exciting?

So many people I work with are frightened of change.  They come to me with a barrel load of issues that cumulatively create a lot of discomfort in their lives but still they are scared of what might happen if they change it, so they insist on holding on to it as it feels safe.  So I [...]


Today is mothers day and it got me thinking about what it has meant to me to be the mother of two beautiful children. Being a mother has meant, having the biggest tears of joy when meeting this new person for the first time. Being a mother has meant, sleepless nights, lots of poopy nappies and sore [...]


The definition of insanity : Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.  So if you want something different do something different! It is like sitting a the foot of a mountain and crying about not being able to get to the top. One of the beliefs you could be holding [...]