Lifting the weight of negativity for a brighter future

As I sit here and write this I consider my journey so far. I start to realise the changes I have made, two years ago I was a very different person. Previously I was extremely negative, judgemental and basically miserable. My head was on the go all of the time, so much so that it [...]

Epilepsy and I

I talk a lot about my son’s (Rohan) epilepsy on FB. And have many times recounted times where I or my daughter Serena have dealt with Rohan’s sometimes very violent epilepsy and its consequences calmly. Unknowingly I had inspired many other mums of special needs kids that faced with a new episode of activity and [...]

Connecting with Authenticity!

I was chatting to our solar panel installer yesterday and got on to the subject of politics. He expressed very right wing opinions including a comment "...we should bring back Hitler he got things done!" I explained how I have worked with many people three generations on, that are still affected by the deeds carried [...]

Why do we cry?

The theme of the week this week has been crying.  A male client who described himself as tough, and said "tough men don't cry this is not me I am a tough man!" A lady who said "the tears just come, I have no control over them."  She described herself as crying like a child. [...]

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…

Had a beautiful dialogue with a new client in Eastern Europe this morning. During our conversation, he talked a lot about not knowing what he wanted. I remember many years ago saying the same or similar thing, but I notice I don't do it so much now. Some of my reasons for changing were that [...]