Why do we cry?

The theme of the week this week has been crying.  A male client who described himself as tough, and said "tough men don't cry this is not me I am a tough man!" A lady who said "the tears just come, I have no control over them."  She described herself as crying like a child. [...]

Yo, I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want…

Had a beautiful dialogue with a new client in Eastern Europe this morning. During our conversation, he talked a lot about not knowing what he wanted. I remember many years ago saying the same or similar thing, but I notice I don't do it so much now. Some of my reasons for changing were that [...]

Inspiring confidence!

Many years ago as a teenager I attended a week long course along with 40 other young ladies on the different facets of engineering at Birmingham university. The course was coordinated and run by a truly inspiring lady called Lucy, she was probably in her mid to late 40's and had frizzy greying shoulder length [...]

Persistence pays

Persistence...My daughter was telling me about a now very successful published author that came to her school.  He had approached 132 publishers before he got his first book published, he even held a party after having approached 100 to celebrate that was 100 less publishers to approach.  His persistence paid, he believed in his ability, [...]

Do you love learning disabilities or dislike them?

It is national learning disability awareness week. So I wanted to make a focus of us parents with children who have additional needs. I work with many parents all over the world of children with learning disabilities including autism, aspergers syndrome, behavioural challenges, epilepsy, physical challenges and more. The thing that we parents have in [...]