“I am so happy that I chose to have a dialogue with Rekha that morning. It was the most wonderful way to start a day. I felt Rekha was 100% present with me. I felt free to explore and talk about ANYTHING in her presence. With loving patience, Rekha was insistent on I coming up with my own answers, instead of sharing her beliefs/opinions that I eagerly asked for. In retrospect, I’m very grateful for her insistence. Because if she shared her opinions and even if I decided to buy them, deep down, I would know those are hers, not mine. I like the answers and guesses that I came up with. Thank you for helping me, Rekha.”
Akiko H, Speech Language Pathologist, Canada.
“For some time now I have been familiar with the Option Process. I decided I wanted to start using the dialogue process when I started to believe in the possibility that I could change the loneliness, lack of self confidence and lack of direction I was experiencing. I have always been happy enough, but I wanted to be happier!

Since spending time with Rekha, I have discovered the empowering ability to systematically identify beliefs which cause me unhappiness and discomfort, make choices I want to make and celebrate them. I have discovered a love for myself and a love for the universe!”
Jack, Accident and Emergency Nurse, UK.
“I highly recommend Rekha as an Option Process Mentor. Recently I sold my house of 23 years, let go of many belongings accumulated over those years, let go of the city I had grown to love as my husband and I moved across country for a new job, away from my three sons. Lots of changes for me and many emotions, some felt so paralyzing I wondered how I could move forward. With Rekha’s wonderful accepting attitude and helpful questions, I allowed myself the freedom to fully feel and see each emotion (that alone was so freeing since my usual coping mechanism was to depress them). Rekha’s skillful questions then helped me examine how I linked together my beliefs and emotions and I was able to create a new way of thinking and feeling about my circumstances. My depression lifted and I found energy to move forward confidently. My move across the country has become exciting and full of adventure. Thank you Rekha! ” 
Jan S, Teacher, Washington, USA
“An option process dialogue is a session with a mentor that asks you non-directive questions, always starting with the question: What do you want to explore?
I’ve been involved with counselors, psychologists, and psychiatrists and each of them have their place and have helped me in different ways, but the thing I’ve felt was the most powerful has been option process dialogues. I think this is because it relies on you supplying your own answers and relying on your own wisdom and trusting yourself. It is empowering and leads to in(ter)dependence rather than continued need to see the practitioner. The other reason it is powerful because it facilitates self-reflection on beliefs and the things we tell ourselves in a very fast and direct way. I’ve seen again and again how a simple belief that I empower that seems to be a useful/good belief can become something that helps me create negative and unhappy experiences for myself.
The best mentor I’ve worked with has been Rekha Neilson. There were two reasons we started working with Rekha:
Rekha is located in the UK, closer to us in ever respect than any other mentor and excellent rates per session.
The reason I’ll continue to work with Rekha for a while is that she’s awesome. I get SO much out of each of my dialogues with her. She is totally present with me and non-judgmental, and asks such great questions. I’m constantly amazed how the questions totally unearth the kinds of logic and beliefs that I use to make myself unhappy, or angry, or fearful. I’ve left every session choosing to be energized and having learned more about myself.”
Aaron H , Research Scientist, Netherlands.
“Rekha Nelson is extremely skilled as a mentor in the dialogue process. I felt completely loved and accepted by her in my multiple dialogues with her. She seems to have an incredible presence and intuition for asking the absolute right question to break through and take you from examining your behaviors and feelings, to identifying their underlying beliefs that often you didn’t even know you held. I had some of my greatest epiphanies during my dialogues with Rekha, and as a result, changed limiting beliefs I had held for many years. She is an amazing woman that radiates love, warmth, and intelligence. Sitting with her in a dialogue feels completely safe and contained as you navigate your own psyche and look at your issues. I truly believe that any explorer in a dialogue would be blessed to have Rekha as a mentor. She is splendid.”
Mieke E., San Rafael, CA
Rekha is very articulate and explained everything really well.
At this workshop I learned useful strategies to help me deal with my daily challenges more effectively. I feel this will have a very positive impact on my physical and emotional wellbeing.
Sabiha A, Carer, Birmingham, Uk.
“I so look forward to my dialogues with Rekha! She is so loving, so present and it’s truly a joy to explore with a mentor who is never judging me, who knows that I myself have all the answers and who is fully committed to helping me find them if I want to. I’ve just had an amazing dialogue with her this morning. As a busy mother of three, including a gorgeous boy with autism, I can’t think of a better gift to myself for today than taking this time with her. Now I’m excited about the rest of my day! Thank you so much.”
Julie G, Funeral Celebrant, East Sussex, UK.
“Rekha has helped me look at my own feelings and behaviors to uncover my beliefs. She is the most loving enthusiastic person I know who wants the absolute best for everyone. I should know I work in the psychiatric field and Mentors help people find their own answers rather than give advice. It goes a long way to making changes for oneself when the answers come from the explorer.”
Kathleen B, Psychiatric Nurse, MA, US.
“As a mother of two lovely but challenging children, I was stressed out, tired and I harboured many unhelpful beliefs which led to a feeling of panic and failure in the face of daily obstacles. I had been wanting to make changes in my own life and improve my relationship with my children, but never quite knew where to start. Dialoguing with Rekha empowered me to uncover the beliefs that were underlying my negative feelings, and start creating a more tolerant and helpful attitude to myself, my children and others around me. At first, I found the process difficult as I was not used to exploring my inner self in such an open way, but Rekha’s gentle and persistent probing allowed me to grow in confidence and understanding. Now after a dialogue I feel serene and strong, and having the Option Process tools has enabled me to deal with the new challenges in my life in a calmer and more positive way.”
Lisa G, Conservation consultant, London, UK.
“The Option Process® Dialogue has allowed me to change my life from the inside out. When I’ve done dialogues with Rekha Neilson Mentoring, I’ve felt so loved and safe to explore my fears and discomforts that I can STRONGLY recommend her to anyone who wants to use this amazing process to change how they feel about anything. One small example: I was holding a very strong fear of having a massage after having a difficult experience with an ex- boyfriend. I just didn’t feel safe with any sort of intimate contact. In a dialogue with Rekha, I found the belief I was holding to protect myself, and easily changed it to allow me to have my first massage in more the two years! With her loving questions to guide me, I was able to look at the fear I had been holding for so long, and in less than 10 minutes I dropped the fear and later that week enjoyed a long, relaxing massage. This stuff really works!”
Ronda F., Theatre Owner, PA, USA
“I absolutely love my dialogue sessions with Rekha! Not only is she a highly skilled mentor but she is fun, caring and loving. I find myself becoming more aware of my feelings and allowing myself to be a happier person. I would recommend Rekha’s dialogue and counselling services to anyone and everyone!”
Sara R,, Son-Rise Mom, Texas USA.
“I found it incredibly useful to take time out from my busy schedule to explore many of my thoughts & beliefs, as these were fueling my everyday decisions. Rekha’s questions helped me to stay focused & encouraged me to really examine what I believe. After each session I felt a renewed sense of calm vitality & energy. I also gained some new & interesting perspectives on life. Many thanks Rekha.”
Louise H, Son-Rise Mum (Child with Autism), UK
“I had a bunch of judgements about going to a gynaecologist. I grew up in environment where such topics were a taboo. I judged my self for having problems with such “simple” examination. Than I had a dialogue with Rekha. She was very loving company and she smiled while asking me questions which I regarded as challenging, until I answered them for a first time. Her lack of judgements and loving attitude helped me to see me in the way that I did my best even when I did not take care of my body properly. I accepted myself the way I was. That was a wonderful gift and an enabler for getting really comfortable in this arena.”
Lubi C, Outreach Social Worker, Slovakia
“After one dialogue session with Rekha I didn’t feel any immediate changes. I was tired from the emotions of the conversation and we explored exactly what I wanted to talk about. It was very thought provoking and I did realise, during the conversation, that some major thoughts/beliefs were not serving me well. The following day I awoke and felt completely different. The constant negative thoughts that had plagued me frequently were not there. I was almost too scared to tell anyone in case this made them start again!!! This went on for 3 days and then I started to tell people. I have the occasional negative thought now and can counterbalance these with positives. (This wasn’t possible before as I had so many negative thoughts). A further two dialogues with Rekha we have continued to explore this situation and have moved naturally onto connected thoughts and beliefs. Rekha is amazingly positive, accepting and patient. I must admit I don’t fully understand how the changes in me occur, but I am very happy with the result and looking forward to more dialogues.”
Lucy H, Teacher, Durham, UK.
“You don’t get this kind of attitudinal training anywhere else in Sweden. This is unique and same time so helpful to get to the core of what people are struggling with.
Learning that we can change our feelings ourselves is totally life changing for me and the only way of thinking that really helps me feel happier.
It helps both everyday life and at work, for real, because it’s a practical easy to use tools!”
Elisabet K, Coordinator, Barkreaft, Sweden.
“Rekha’s workshop goes directly to your heart, soul and brain. It provides powerful tools for any situation you can find difficult or uncomfortable. Yay!”
Fredrick R, Son-Rise dad, Sweden.
“Rekha is a warm and caring person who is present and trust-able. She is also great fun to have around. This workshop is a good way to get yourself starting to get to know yourself on many levels.”
Magnus, Son-Rise Dad. Sweden
“Professionally gifted and personally grounded, Rekha greeted me like a friend and throughout the time we shared provided intuitive guidance and insightful questions which helped me facilitate the shifts in perspective I was innately seeking, whilst at the same time opening me up to new perspectives I had no idea I was after. I used my time with Rekha specifically to assist me in my role as a personal assistant to young boy with autism using the Son-rise method, however I would advocate Rekha and the Option Process to anyone looking to challenge their belief system and empower and celebrate their creative control in any area of their life. Highly recommended.”
Matthew W, Personal Assistant, Bärkraft, Sweden.
“Rekha’s questions led me to be specific and clear. Her loving attitude invited me to play with my beliefs. This was a very easy and lovely way how to face my discomfort and anger that I always created in a relationship with my mom. My mom judged me as bad when I valued volunteering over playing a role in plans of my family. I realized that I have learned to believe the same. This simple realization enabled me to take wonderful and powerful steps towards my dreams.”
Michal C, Software Engineer, Slovakia
I would recommend this workshop to individuals & organisations where emotional responses and behaviours are less than pleasant/ fulfilling. It helps you get to the beliefs that underpin the emotions. This is the only way to effectively change.
Fiona, Wirral
Rekha was very good at communicating information and new ways of thinking. The tools are good for linking back and helping with your personal situation.
Sarah - Jane H, Director, Ely.


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