About Rekha

“ If you always do what you always did, you always get what you always got. If you want something different? Then you need to do something different!”…this is a motto I live by…

I was born in the UK and grew up in Leicester. I graduated with an Engineering degree from Loughborough University in 1997. I went on to work as a chemical engineer in industry which I loved and became a fully Chartered Engineer by 2001. By then I was working as a Technical Manager in a multinational company, working my way up my career ladder, and post graduate management courses at Warwick University. I then had my son (Rohan) who it turned out had a chromosome abnormality Isodicentric 15 (IDIC 15), which manifested itself as global developmental delay, epilepsy, low muscle tone and Autism. Despite bleak prognosis by the medical profession, I worked with Rohan intensively to help him to achieve his mile stones e.g. to sit up, walk and self-help skills. I then saw a documentary about a child doing The Son-Rise® programme, I instantly knew this is the way I wanted to help my little boy. It took me another two years to pluck up the courage to call them to book a place on the course! In 2007 my husband and I attended the The Son-Rise Start- Up programme in London, it was totally life changing it helped me see things that were happening around me in a very different way. I went from feeling very hopeless and depressed to hopeful, energised and excited about the future no matter what was going on. This is where I had my first contact with the Option Process® dialogue and realised how helpful it was for every facet of my life. As a result of using this process routinely my relationship with other family members also began to change for the better, as well easily dealing with challenges I carried around from the past, life just started feeling easier, I had more focus, energy and felt empowered!

At this point I knew I wanted to know more and help other people using this tool. I spent the next two years studying to become an Option Process Mentor – Counsellor. I certified after an amazing month long programme in January 2010 at The Option Institute training and learning centre, in Massachusetts, America. I was trained by Barry Neil Kaufman and Samahria Kaufman the Founders and CEO’s of The Option Institute along with the senior teaching team. I am incredibly grateful for this experience it was one of the most enriching and challenging things I have done in my life. I came home and set my practice up soon after. I stock many of Barry Kaufaman’s books and Cd’s on my webstore they are very inspiring and really useful aid for understanding this process. Since then I have had the privilege to work with people in the same way all over the planet!

Picture of me graduating with class of 2010 and the senior teachers at the Option Institute.



• To share the tools I have learnt. When someone struggles to understand or apply something it is opportunity for me to get more creative!

• Hearing people share that, that ‘impossible step’, is now easy and enjoyable!

• Creating a safe learning environment for individuals to open themselves up, and challenge them in a way they have never been challenged before!


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“Rekha is calm, funny, entertaining, warm, dear, trustworthy and engaged. I would recommend this workshop as it is a deepening of the understanding on how we react to specific beliefs and how we actually can change our thoughts to feel better.”
Sandra B, Son-Rise Mum. Sweden
“Rekha is exceptional and her teaching examples are very interesting and relevant. I would recommend this workshop to others definitely, because I know she knows what she is doing and doing it passionately with a focus of helping us.”
Steve N, Son-Rise brother/ Assistant. Sweden
“I would definitely recommend the Indroductory workshop. It helped me clear the dark clouds by making me realise a lot of these were of my own creation and also by helping me realise things to be grateful for.”
Dilip M, University Lecturer Coventry,UK